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與TW Components簽訂開發網站協議


項目名稱:TWComponents開發網站 簽訂時間:2019-3-11 項目網址:www.twdz2007.com 公司簡介: TWComponentsisyourindependentdistributorofpassiveand

項目名稱:TW Components開發網站




TW Components is your independent distributor of passive and active quality electronic components and power supplier. 
TW Components has 12+ years of successful experience in maximizing customer profit and minimizing customer cost. All these years we succeeded in becoming distributors of Electronic components (active and passive) for all purposes as well as finding technical solutions and supporting customers with stock inventory. We are the forefront for anti-counterfeiting parts. Our QC team will test on every items before shipment in order to assure quality parts into the electronic component distribution industry!
Quality & Service 
· We are a gold provider of ADI, NXP, TI, ON, FREESCALE, FAIRCHILD, ATMEL, Linear, Maxim... 
· We buy from authorized agent like Digi-key, Mouser, Arrow and reliable suppliers.
· We sell IC parts, military parts, obsolete and discontinued parts.
· We have large of our own stock to give you good price. 
· We provide wide coverage of BOM, fast and accurate quotations.
· Our Trading Concept is Long-Term Partnership to Achieve WIN-WIN.
Why Choose Us?
TW Components has all you need in one place; Excellent sales and purchase team; Large stock; Experienced QC team; Great service for 24/7 ; great sourcing for all your of high-quality parts at attractive prices!